Core Aeration & Other Lawncare Services

CMS Landscaping offers a variety of other lawn care services in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, including core aeration to promote a healthier lawn. We also help with flea and tick control, mole control, seeding services, tree and shrub programs, and mosquito control applications.

Core Aeration

Core aeration removes soil plugs and helps reduce the thatch from your lawn. Core aeration helps reduce soil compaction, improves drainage, provides air to soil micro-organisms, and changes anaerobic (lacking oxygen) soils to aerobic healthy soils. Aerobic soils will have healthier root development, better water retention, and more earthworms which are a necessity for healthy soil structure.

During drought times, the cores will allow rainfall to be absorbed by thirsty deep roots. Proper core aeration works by allowing air circulation, water and fertilizer penetration. When rain is heavy, the core holes will allow more air circulation to increase evaporation of excess root moisture. Healthy soil structure promotes healthy lawns with fewer weeds, and therefore fewer pesticides are necessary.

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