Sprinkler Installation and Service in Holyoke, Springfield, Western MA, & Northern CT


Does your lawn get an inch of water a week? Your lawn has very specific needs to stay green and healthy and overwatering can be just as damaging as under watering. That's why an automatic sprinkler system is the best option for maintaining a great-looking lawn.

At CMS Landscaping, we provide expert irrigation installation and services on all types of systems. If you want an efficient lawn watering system that helps remove your watering issues, our trained and experienced technicians can provide you with the best sprinkler system for your space.

Built-in automatic sprinkler systems are easy and effort-free on your part. A series of pipes are installed below ground to efficiently distribute just the right amount of water for your entire lawn. Say goodbye to dead spots and water wastage due to runoff and evaporation that are more common with watering by hand. These systems allow your plants' root systems to absorb more of the water you're using.


How Can I Tell If My Lawn Is Getting Enough Water?

• Place a few empty cans in the area being watered and note the amount of water in the cans after 15 minutes. This will tell you the amount of water you are applying.
• Leave a can in your yard to measure weekly amounts.
• Water in the morning or early afternoon to reduce evaporation. This will allow turf to dry out before the evening coolness.
• Prolonged leaf wetness can lead to disease.

Spring Irrigation Start Up

In the spring, CMS Landscaping can help your lawn flourish with an irrigation start up. Our spring start up services are yearly tune ups for your irrigation system. During a system start up, our technicians will identify and fix issues that are found so your system will run smoothly from the beginning of the season.


Some of the key steps we provide during a start up are as follows:

• Power the system with water

• Check the backflow valves for any leaks or cracks

• Run through each zone from the timer

• Check each sprinkler head for proper coverage and operation

• Clean and adjust sprinkler heads as needed

• Set the timer accordingly


Protect your irrigation system during the winter months by calling us to properly drain your sprinkler system. This will ensure that your sprinkler system's pipes won't freeze and burst. Find out more about sprinkler system winterization on our backflow wrapping page.

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