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FREE Soil Test when you sign up for our 5 Step Lawn Care program. 

A soil test will determine your pH level and nutrient levels

What to expect from the program:

1. Early Spring

Complete application of balanced fertilizer with a pre-emergent crabgrass product. 


The perfect time of season to ask us about a soil test, your lawn may need lime to balance pH levels for maximum turf health!

2. Late Spring

Let's get that weed under control with broadleaf and crabgrass control, AND grub control, and a unique fertilizer blend created to make your lawn look beautiful.

How can homeowners work together with CMS? Keep an eye out for your technician when they visit!

3. Summer

With insects crawling everywhere CMS will add a summer treatment to keep them at bay alongside fertilizer treatment and grub control.


See something the tech might have missed?  Our program includes FREE service calls, don't hesitate to contact our office so they can send someone out right away!

4. Fall

Complete application control of balanced fertilizer with  insect and broadleaf weed controls used as needed. 

Here we begin to think about next season, applying controls to help next year's turf be even more attractive than this year!

5. Late Fall

Prepare for next year by providing a winter feeding for the soil this will promote plant development and faster spring green up.


Using our knowledge of how plants handle New England winters we have a final application focused on feeding through the winter and the reemergence of healthy green grass for next year.


CMS Landscaping goes above and beyond to make you happy. Customers subscribing to our 5 Step Program get FREE service calls!
With customer retention over 48 years our service speaks for itself.

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