5 Step Fertilization Program

  It begins with a complete survey of your lawn. The condition of the soil, insects, weeds, and evidence of damage are all factors in developing a plan to give your lawn what it needs to start producing a lush, green, landscape. The complete CMS program includes five applications of granular or liquid fertilizer and also includes insect, grub, weed, and crabgrass control. These applications are balanced to your very specific needs and offered with other essential services including lime applications, core aeration, soil testing and seeding. All weed control is applied when the weather permits. CMS Landscaping practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by combining all available pest control methods into a unified program with the goal of managing pest populations in a way that avoids turf damage and minimizes adverse effects.

Early Spring

An application of complete balanced fertilizer, with pre-emergent crabgrass control.

Late Spring

A complete balanced fertilizer with broadleaf weed control.


A complete balanced fertilizer, with surface insect and grub control (spot treatment for broadleaf weeds).



A complete balanced fertilization application (spot treatment for broadleaf weeds).

late fall allowed

Late Fall

A winter feeding that promotes root development and faster spring green up.

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