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Water is a key component to the service we provide, it helps plants access the nutrients on a deeper level, allows the nutrients to be better absorbed, and is vital for all known forms of life.  Most lawns need 1 to 1 ½ inches of water every week to soak the soil deeply, but there is a delicate balance to avoid overwatering.  Water too little and your lawn can dry out and become patchy and discolored, too much water and your lawn can become vulnerable to rot or disease.

Once installed maintenance is minimal!

In Massachusetts or Connecticut, irrigation systems in good repair need only two visits yearly.  A Spring opening and Winterization; other than those 2, we only need to come out to work on the system when you notice something isn't right!  We can help you set it and enjoy beautiful green turf all season!

Irrigation systems are the best way to cut down on wasted water and time! 

We can install and set sprinkler parameters to get just the right amount of water using specifics from your lawn environment.  Some new systems even come in “smart” versions, with Wi-Fi hook up so you can control irrigation remotely anywhere in the world connected to Wi-Fi.  Every system is installed with a rain sensor which, combined with the programmed controls allows you the confidence of knowing your system is watering on schedule, and not going off unnecessarily.


Every system we install receives a complimentary winterization the first winter and a free start up the first spring after the installation.  After the first winterization and spring opening of the system we offer spectacular rates and regular system maintenance is minimal!


Winter Protection Services are a necessity!

Avoid future problems by winterizing the entire system before the frost.  The freezing temps can cause costly damage, better to have the winter drain done than call us for repairs in the Spring!

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