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Lawn Care in 5 Steps

CMS Landscaping provides the area's premier 5-step lawn care program.  This program offers primary and secondary nutrients to feed your lawn with an aim at strengthening the root system resulting in healthy green grass.  Our program also features pre-emergent crabgrass and weed control, grub proofing and surface insect control, applied as needed.  Service calls are complimentary when you subscribe to the 5 Step Program.


CMS proudly practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  CMS Landscaping is an environmentally conscious business, tailoring our program to your lawn applying only necessary treatments.  Lawn diseases are very unpredictable; therefore, we prefer to deal with them using cultural practices.  However, if fungicides are applied, there will be an additional cost.  Fungicide applications are not guaranteed.


We also assess your lawn care needs with each visit, adjusting your program accordingly.  We also offer add-on services which, combined with the 5-Step Program to maximize the beautification of your lawn.  Some other lawn care services offered for an additional fee are core aeration, lime application, seeding, and soil testing.  


Log in to our Customer Access Website to set up a profile and request an estimate for lawn care services:

FREE Soil Test for new customers when you sign up for our 5 Step Lawn Care program. 

A soil test will determine your pH level and nutrient levels

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