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Is it time for LIME?

As soil acidity increases, essential nutrients become less and less available for the plant to uptake.  Nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and more are required for healthy turf growth. 

Each Spring season, CMS Landscaping takes many soil tests to see what the lab finds for pH levels.  Sometimes the lab finds a lawn is in need of a large quantity of lime, sometimes it just needs lime at a maintenance level; no matter what the recommendation is CMS Landscaping has the lime for you!

Lime aids in correcting soil acidity and some of the benefits are helping preserve a lawn's color and vigor, increases nutrient availability, and protects the lawn from stress, including heat, drought, or heavy foot traffic.  Neutralizing soil pH by adding the recommended amount of lime helps free up these essential nutrients, giving your lawn a better chance at sustainable success.  

Call CMS Landscaping today to sign up for a soil test and see how much lime is recommended for your property!

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