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Imagine lingering in the yard some summer evening.  The heat of the day dissipating, inviting cool breezes to sweep over your shoulders, relief washes over you as the sun sets and you enjoy the appearance of the first stars.  Your children and pets play joyfully while the streetlights turn on, one after the other until the street is safely lit.  Don’t let mosquitoes break that beautiful feeling, call to book our 5 Step Mosquito Abatement Program today to see a lot less of this pest!


Our Mosquito Treatment is a 5 step program, completely organic and requires no maintenance from you.
Our program protects your family and pets from the health hazard of exposure to mosquitoes. The focus is on the areas of your property where mosquitoes are most likely to feed and harbor.

CMS Landscaping will come out to your property every 4 weeks to spray around the foundation of your house and perimeter of your property.

Call us a 413-533-3300 if you have any questions or would like a free estimate!


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