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Winter at CMS Landscaping

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022!

During these winter months our office is still bustling and busy. When we don't have snow to remove, we are working behind the scenes to improve the coming season's business! We are employing new methods of communication and high-tech accounts software to serve you better. If you need CMS for service or have a question you can always call, but you can also text our local office's phone number (413) 533-3300. You can email us, too. Karen (, Kelsey (, and Hillary ( look forward to being your contacts in the office no matter what your method of communication is.

We use email, text, and voice messages to send you information too. Those times you have a missed call from us, we are probably calling with a voice message. We reach out for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, when we schedule a service, when we must cancel services, when there is a balance due on your account, or when we are having some technical difficulties. Since we are still learning the nuances of the new technology, we appreciate your feedback. Should you ever be confused or distressed by a communication, call us, we will put your mind at ease!

By now, you've probably gotten an email inviting you to create a profile and log in to our customer access website (C.A.W.). By taking advantage of access to the C.A.W. you can maintain your account, your way. You can see invoices, pay down a balance, and set up auto pay! You can also view services offered, request estimates, and sign up for services! There is also a way to contact us through the website as well! Are you a bit wary of giving your email out to companies? Using your access to the C.A.W. you can tailor what you receive emails about, set your account up, your way. If you've already set up your account in the customer access website, thank you!

If you haven't gotten an email from us about accessing the C.A.W. we want to remedy that! We need your email address to send you the access link, we still have many customers who haven't registered an email with us. It's also possible that we've sent an email and it's landed in a spam folder. Many automated emails go directly to spam, and you'll need to add our email address ( to see our emails in your inbox. In the coming seasons you’ll find us going more and more paperless, so to stay up to date with our latest services and deals please make sure we have your email address.

If you ever have questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to assisting you and facilitating quality lawn care in 2022!

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