Maintain a Healthy Soil pH with Soil Analysis & Lime Application

CMS Landscaping Corp. offers soil analysis and lime application services to help your lawn maintain a healthy and balanced pH. Call today at 413-533-3300 to schedule a soil analysis for your property.

Soil Analysis

Soil testing is important for providing a starting point for your lawn & soil needs. Don't guess when we can test! CMS Landscaping can provide you with a starting point for our service recommendations.

1.pH Analysis

This will indicate if your lawn needs lime applied, and depending on the other nutrients found, what type of lime is appropriate for your lawn.

2. Primary Nutrients

Phosphorus and Potassium and Nitrogen are all necessary for healthy and hardy cell growth.

3. Level of Micro-nutrients

Iron, calcium, zinc, boron, manganese, magnesium, copper etc. are all required in the soil to resist weeds, disease, pests, and to promote a healthy lawn.

4. Type of Soil

Sandy , clay, or loam. Finding out what type of soil you have indicates possible problems with compaction or drainage.

5. Levels of Organic Matter

Decomposed plant material adds organic matter to your soil. This is required for healthy soil structure and water retention.

Lime Application

There are many advantages that are a direct result of the liming process. A balanced pH enables deeper rooting, thatch decomposition, and improving nutrient availability to the grass plant. A soil test will indicate whether lime is required, and what type of lime.

We use products including Solu-Cal and Dolomitic Lime. Solu-Cal is a superior product that enhances the speed of absorption to the grass in your lawn.

The pH of your soil is extremely important. The image on the right shows the availability of primary and micro-nutrients in the soil. If your soil is not at a neutral pH your grass will not flourish. The required nutrients might be in your soil, however without a balanced pH, they cannot be absorbed by your grass roots.

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