Plant Health Care

With the expansion of our Plant Health Care Services, we can now provide holistic care for your entire landscape by integrating these new services with our existing Lawn Care and Irrigation Services providing our clients with a one stop solution for their landscape health.

Fertilization and Soil Care

The base of a good plant health care program for your trees and shrubs starts with healthy soil and available nutrients. To get started with having healthier trees and shrubs we start with a limited amount of our spring fertilizer mix to be used as an allowance for your most stressed trees and shrubs. During this initial application of fertilizer our Certified Arborist will also preform an analysis of your trees and shrubs and provide custom recommendations for an integrated tree and shrub care program. A detail of what is incorporated in that tree and shrub care program is below.

*The amount of fertilizer would cover approximately 25” in trunk diameter of ornamental trees or 1000 square feet of planting beds. This a continuous service that will be scheduled annually unless we are notified to cancel. 

Integrated Plant Health Care Program

Our plant health care program is unique, every property, every visit. Our specialist is an ISA certified arborist with in depth knowledge of tree and shrub health care. We recommend the number of visits utilizing this knowledge and based on the plants in your landscape, their common issues and proper timing to treat those issues. On each visit we monitor the conditions of your trees and shrubs, determine if any intervention is necessary (insect issues, disease issues, biological enhancements, cultural issues, etc…) and treat as needed. At the completion a detailed report is filled out and either left behind or emailed to you.

Contact us today to get a free evaluation of your trees and shrubs by our certified arborist to get your customized Plant Health Care recommendations as unique as your landscape.

Questions? Call CMS Landscaping at 413-533-3300 and speak directly to a member of our team!