Winterization & Backflow Wrapping

Winterizing your irrigation system is an essential part to maintaining a properly running system. Your system needs all lines and the backflow to be completely drained using a high powered air compressor to protect it from freeze damage. The backflow (which is located above the ground) is susceptible to freezing when the temperature dips below freezing at night.

Winter Drain

Once the weather begins to cool down in September, call CMS Landscaping to get on the schedule to have your system professionally winterized.

Here are 3 easy steps to help prevent damage to your system prior to being professionally winterized.

Step 1: Turn the water to the sprinkler system off inside your home (usually located in the basement) and turn your timer off.

Backflow Unit

Step 2: Wrap a towel or small blanket around the backflow.

Wrap your backflow with a towel or blanket

Step 3: Cover the towel or blanket with a black garbage bag. Use duct tape to secure the bag so it will not blow off.

Place a trash back over the entire unit for better protection

NOTE: Just wrapping the backflow will NOT keep your system from freezing during winter months.

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